Cam&leon is your artistic partner that specializes in bringing ideas to life through stunning, high-quality images. In other words, we fuse creativity and technology to astonish, delight, inspire and create the impossible while giving shape to your ideas.

Our services

Photo treatment
Creative support
New technology consulting
Creative retouching/visual effects
Motion design
Digital asset management

Our story

Cam&leon is the brainchild of a former retoucher who saw the need for a 360-degree creative service. Launched in 2015, the studio houses a multidisciplinary team of image experts who work with clients, ADs, artists and photographers to give their concepts visual magic.

Here the creative process is pushed higher and further, so every piece created visually distils your idea into a powerful image that engages.

Cam&leon also collaborates with its sister print production house, M&H, to ensure accurate results on all print work.

Partner with us and discover where our image experts can take your project.

Let’s connect!

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